Thursday, January 26, 2012

Leprechaun Traps!

We will soon be beginning our new project that incorporates both science and writing! Yea..we love writing across curriculum! Leprechaun traps are a creative way for students to use their knowledge of simple machines in order to build a trap that will catch our tricky leprechauns. Right now in writing workshop, we are working on direction writing. After students have built their trap they are to write the directions for using the trap being specific and using time order words! Listening and presenting skills are then put into place when they must present their trap and read their directions to the class. After the presentations are over, I leave gold coins (chocolate candy from the party stores) on each child's desk with a little note from the leprechaun saying they made clever traps but not tricky enough so he left behind a little prize for them. They eat it up!

I give students about a month to work on these before we present before St. Patrick's Day. If you would like a copy of the assignment that I give the students please email me at I have added some of the pictures of our traps from last year. Enjoy!

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